Wireless Systems for Irrigation, Water Resource Management, and Wastewater Holding Pond Monitoring
Wastewater Holding Pond Monitoring
The SafeSoil (TM) electronic waste holding pond monitor can detect leaks in "real time". 
Scientific studies show that monitoring wells are not effective for such rapid leak detection.  SafeSoil (TM) typically costs less and allows feedyards, dairies, and industrial sites to be proactive in their wastewater management efforts. USDA studies show that SafeSoil (TM) detected a  feedyard holding pond leak within hours after it occurred. Monitoring wells at the site did not detect the leak.

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Water Conservation District Solutions
AgraTek's wireless systems monitor flow and remotely controls subscriber pumps. This allows managers to remotely monitor and manage water consumption per district member  allocations. Advanced mesh networking wireless communications covers a several mile area.  Remote management via  secure web server.
Commercial Irrigation
AgraTek wireless solutions for Nurseries, Orchards, and Vineyards interface to flowmeters, soil moisture sensors, zone control valves and weather sensors. Zone valve scheduling software allows large installations to use limited-flow water supplies. Rainfall sensing inhibits watering when not needed, thus reducing operating cost. Remote management via secure web server.

News and Events           

Gordon Minns, AgraTek's founder, was a featured speaker at the Ag Innovation Showcase at the University of California at Davis CA,
May 8-9, 2017.

Dr. Minns discussed AgraTek's SafeSoil (TM)l wastewater holding pond monitoring system with important stakeholders in drought-plagued California.

AgraTek recently traveled to India to promote our water conservation and quality initiatives. Meetings were with government officials, academics, and private industry.

For more information about AgraTek's solutions for your business, contact:

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